Baby Nasal Vacuum – Invented by a leading scientist and has been clinically
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Baby Nasal Vacuum Suction is by far the safest,easiest and healthier way to aid your child’s snotty nose relief.

Fast Relief For Snotty Nosed Babies.
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Baby Nasal Vacuum Suction – an efficient a cold treatment

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Introducing The Mama for Baby Nasal Vacuum
The Quick, Easy and Safe Baby Nasal Vacuum And Aspirator.

Designed To Perform Efficient and Gentle Nasal Suction In Your Home

Here you will learn about the fastest, easiest and most effective way to clear your baby’s blocked and stuffy little nose, with the easy nasal vacuum suction/aspirator by Mama for Baby.

Essentially the safest and most logical “quick fix” to get your baby breathing relief.

Our Mama for Baby nasal vacuum suction has been clinically approved and tested to benefit children suffering from blocked and stuffy sniffles during colds and flu illnesses.

Easy Assembly Of The Nasal Vacuum Suction:

1. Insert the nasal nozzle into the collecting (holding) canister.

2. Turn on your vacuum.

3. Insert the vacuum adapter nozzle into the attachment hose on the vacuum.

 Nasal Vacuum Suction - Steps of Operation:

1. Hold your child in a sitting upright position. We recommend holding the child in your lap until he/she feels comfortable with the baby nasal vacuum suction.

2. Position the nasal nozzle so that it fully seals the nostril and hold it there for a couple of seconds while watching the mucous being sucked into the holding canister.

3. Repeat step 2 in the other nostril.

4. You may gently rotate the nasal nozzle in a circular pattern in steps 2 and 3 to speed up the process

5. Once your child’s nose is clear and relieved, turn off vacuum and clean the nasal as previously described.

6. Repeat this process daily or as needed.

Mama for Baby Nasal Vacuum Suction benefits to you and your child…

  • Your child and you feel more relaxed
  • Your child breathes more easily
  • Your child will sleep better
  • Your child drinks and eats more
  • Suitable for children aged 0 to 6 years
  • A simple and easy-to-use device
Why You Should Use The Mama for Baby Nasal Vacuum Suction…

A runny, sniffy nose in infants and small children is very common and an on-going problem for parents as a small child is not able to blow his/her nose until they reach around 4 years of age, this and the fact, that it takes several weeks before an infant or a baby will learn to breathe through the mouth (around 6 weeks of age) can cause a lot of discomfort for the child and sleepless nights for the parents.

baby vacuum for nasal relief

Snotty, stuffed little noses hinder breathing, make babies feel uncomfortable and could lead to more serious health problems relative to the ear, nose, throat and the respiratory tracts… for instance: viral infections, bacteria, such as staphylococcal and strep throat which is an infection caused by the streptococcus bacteria and often needs to be treated by a doctor and prescribed antibiotic medication. We are concerned about the detrimental long lasting and not immediately evident toxic side and after effects of pharmaceuticals in children. This natural method of keeping your child healthy is a necessary alternative to doctor visits.

Keeping your child’s nasal passages clear of mucous can prevent other infections.

The Mama for Baby nasal vacuum suction is the best, natural and safe nasal vacuum aid for your
child’s stuffy nose problems and insures peace of mind for both mother and father…

Order YOUR Mama for Baby nasal vacuum suction today and soon you won’t have to worry or struggle
with snotty baby sniffles ever again. A must have for moms and dads planning on raising families.

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To Keep Your Baby’s Nasal Passages Clear Of Mucous And Nasal Secretions…

Generally infants and children suffer from sniffling and stuffy runny noses more than six times per year.

Inflammation of the sinuses, often viral and if left untreated will result in stagnant nasal mucous and could become a breeding ground for bacteria. Should you fail to treat this in a timely fashion the sticky an watery mucous will become dense and dry which could lead to further respiratory complications like sinusitis, middle ear infections, laryngitis, bronchitis and in a worst case scenario, pneumonia.

Medical aspirators are only available at paediatricians or in hospitals so clearing the little nasal passages several times a day is imperative, babies need to have a clear nose just like adults and need to be cleared or blown as often as an adult would.

Our Baby baby nasal vacuum suction gives a gentle suction but is powerful enough to draw the mucus from deep inside the nasal passages. The sucking power of the vacuum cleaner is regulated by the apparatus itself.

If there is no mucous drainage into the collection canister stop the suction immediately.

Always check in with a doctor if your baby’s sniffles last longer than a week.